Redundancy and Resilience.

Our infrastructure is designed for resilience to ensure optimum uptime for your solutions. We employ a variety of strategies, such as hard drive redundancy, power supply redundancy, and network redundancy, as well as 24/7 hardware and server monitoring to detect and prevent any problems before they even arise.

National provider

Unlike most service providers, we only work with national professionals and won’t outsource third parties abroad.

National servers

Our entire server infrastructure is in national data centers, thus ensuring quick access to them safely and in a timely way.

24/7 monitoring

A constant monitoring system with intervals of 1-minute controls our entire infrastructure, network peripherals and servers.


We perform regular backups of our servers, enabling not only the data redundancy but also its security.

Top-notch technology

Our infrastructure has high-performance processors and enough memory to ensure proper operation, even with the data redundancy system.

Uptime of excellence

To ensure the quality of the service, our entire network is monitored up-to-the-minute, allowing us to provide a service with an uptime close to 99.99%.

Multilanguage control panel

Our control panel is easy to use and is available in English, European Portuguese and other languages too, in order to be user friendly.

Educational content

We provide relevant information through our exclusive newsletter, so you can explore the full features of the associated service.

Fast activation

When we have all the conditions to activate the service, we will contact you to accomplish the activation in just a few hours.

Close assistance

Our customers aren’t a mere number to us. We provide assistance whenever necessary, through the various means of contact available.

Great support

We offer great technical support, given by an experienced team that solves even the most complex problems in the shortest time possible.

Experience and know-how

Our technical team has extensive experience in the IT market, allowing us to ensure the proper operation of the service infrastructure.

Technical partnerships

We have partnerships with various entities to complement our services with the best solutions and add-ons available in the web technology market.

Green Technology

We are proud to use only efficient servers with low energy consumption, thus guaranteeing a low ecological footprint on the planet.

Innovation and evolution

We are always up-to-date about the new technologies and the market evolution. Our entire team works daily to expand and improve your knowledge.

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