How to migrate, easily.

One of the biggest challenges for a customer is transferring their website and related services to a new provider. It’s one of the most daunting tasks that a website owner can face. Our engineers will move your website the right way, so you won’t have to worry. We’ll get your website up and running just like it was before your move, quickly and easily.

Submit your website

30 seconds to submit. Just get in touch by sending us your website and contacts.

Check your email

We’ll send you an email with a private link with our available pre-defined solutions.

Choose the solutions

Choose the web solutions that you find the most important.

Initial setup begins

We’ll prepare the initial setup of the solutions you choosed to install them when ready.

Final installation

We’ll finally deploy the solutions you choosed and install them in your website.

Done. You’re ready!

Your website is  finally ready, running with some new features. Go check it. Enjoy!

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    The complete details.

    You won’t have to worry. Our team handles all the messy details and lets you know when the transfer is complete. Meanwhile, if you’re just curious, you can read more above about the detailed migration process.

    Technical people-powered website moving.

    Our migration process service is managed by our technical team. Instead of some mysterious automated process, we will care for your website as if it were their own.

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    Fast and Painless

    Each website is different and will be handled individually by our technical team.
    The amount of time needed for your move will depend on the amount and complexity of the website content.

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    We’ll do all the work.

    We’ll contact you to get all of the information we need to transfer your website for you.
    We’ll need to access your existing website, so we will be asking you for important login details.

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    Move any website, anywhere.

    We can move any website that’s compatible with our solutions. And if we can’t find the best service for you here, we will gladly help get you migrated to another provider because we’re dedicated to making sure our customers are happy.

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    Personalized service.

    Each moving service includes the migration of a single website application or static website setup.
    Our team is happy to look at your website and help you if you aren’t sure of what needs to be migrated.

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    Exclusivity agreement

    We can agree with you to do not provide some services to any of your direct competitors. This is useful for paid ads solutions where it makes sense only to work with you, otherwise, could increase operational costs to both parties and be disadvantageous.

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    Let's Improve Your Website?

       No payment required
       No software to install