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Let’s start with the beginning: Wix, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram and similar applications make available solutions so you can implement your own pages, sites and online stores. Furthermore, they are offering you additional services, including payments services, email marketing newsletters and other similar services.

What’s the difference between us and these services?

Sometimes website owners create their websites in Wix (or similar website builders) and pass it to experienced developers to re-create the same website from scratch. Why? Because the code provided with website-builders is not clear to understand, use or maintain. It’s also very limited. So the only way to have really unlimited and easy to maintain website has been development by humans so far. We’re here to solve this issue (and many other). Our code is super-clean, well-commented and easy to use for any further needs.

Besides that, these services activity might seem superficially like what we do. However, there is a key difference: they own your page, site or webstore, and you just publish and sell in it. If they close the doors, your services also close the doors. All your content is published on their own webservers and you are allowing with that in their terms and conditions, so you have zero control with what happens with your data and information.

We, however, give you the tools, the accesses and the ownership . We don’t own your website, page or store. We don’t have the so called “network effect”: i.e. the more popular a service becomes the more users want to be there and you end up using these solutions just because everyone is there. This reinforces itself and constitutes a network effect where the size of the network adds value to those participating in it and you just get stuck.

Like prized high-traffic real estate, this phenomenon means that they can set onerous trading terms. If they were selling physical space, they would be charging very high rents to you to access that rich consumer pool.

Basically, one of the biggests risks of using a hosted platform or website is what happens to your data if they close the doors. The complete lack of control over the most critical aspect of your online page/store e is fundamental. Now, what would happen if you want to migrate to another solution? Probably you will lose all your content, your domain name, your emails and other data, because you’re paying a recurrent fee and they own your content. With us, the whole thing would be transparent because you have access to all your data.

Just think on big brands and go to their website. You’ll realize they don’t use these kind of solutions. And you have the reasons above. So, in short, we are not Wix, Shopify and similar services and we honestly believe you should be using all, in a technologic holistic point of view.

Talk with us.

We’ll help you resolve your technical issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing after a long day.

Talk with us.

We’ll help you resolve your technical issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing after a long day.


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