About us.

Being online can have a big impact – in fact, businesses that are online are twice as likely to grow faster and create new jobs. We believe every business should be winning customers over the internet and we’re on a mission to help make that happen by giving our clients the resources they need to increase their digital revenue without any technical complications.

We realized that it was near impossible for the average people to know everything about digital business models. This is simply too complicated, time consuming, and expensive to manage and to learn about. We wanted to offer services that would require no technical skills or even previous experience. We keep it simple, so our clients can focus on what really matters.

Our business is built around the concept of the digital nomadism and we’re one of the few 100% remote businesses from our beautiful country, Portugal.

We’ll always be guided by our mission to empower every business on the planet to achieve more online results. Our sense of purpose lies in our customers’ success. Innovation and simplicity are our core values: we aim to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent business owners from growing online.

Our promise.

This is our promise and we will fulfill these promises, both internally with our team and externally with you.
Ultimately it will be for you to decide if we achieve this. We welcome any challenge to live up to this promise.

We’re always here, for whatever you need. We will guide you along the way and will never leave you hanging when urgent problems arise that require immediate responses.

We friendly support you. Our team of experienced advisors is always available via a number of support channels and ready to provide help should that ever be required. Just talk with us.

We are a specialised team. We do not measure our competencies based on our CVs, but through dedication and investing into our knowledge and becoming adaptable to whatever needs that arise.

We are ambitious. Due to always being one step ahead, we do not allow ourselves to fall behind any technical advances. Our team is composed of specialised and curious individuals.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions or you want to tell us where we can do even better ?

Why choose us?

We're all big believers in the power of keeping it simple. We want our users to be have a pain-free solution and make their everyday tasks quicker, easier and more efficient.

Our solutions were built around the concept of the digital nomadism. No corporate structure, no unnecessary stuff - we are 100% focused on building something our customers love. Without renting office space and the taxes that go along with it, we can keep our prices lower and give more benefits to our clients and team.

What sets our solutions apart from the others is that we develop complete solutions, without any kind of hidden fees, complications and no lack of support. We're based in Portugal but we have global support. If you want to learn more about our digital nomad concept, contact us anytime and let's discuss your project.

Why Portugal?

Many international companies are setting up in Portugal today. But, why Portugal?

Great ability to speak foreign languages:
- Around 60% of Portuguese people speak at least 1 foreign language. English learning is mandatory from elementary school. The majority of the students learn 2 or more foreign languages. Portugal is 15th out of 72 countries in English Proficiency.

State of the art telecommunications infrastructure:
- Portugal has the 4th fastest broadband in the world and the 2nd fastest in EU-28. It also has around 30% of fiber connections in total broadband.

Qualified enginees & a competitive economy:
- 4 000 graduates a year, with the highest proportion of science and engineering degrees anywhere in the EU.

Government tax and financial incentives to the establishment of a business:
- Portugal is 5th fastest country in number of days to start a business: 2,5 days.

Quality of life and safety:
- Lisbon is the safest european capital
- Portugal has a fine Mediterranean gastronomy
- Portugal is rated the world’s 2nd most welcoming country for migrants
- Lisbon is Europe’s sunniest capital with over 220 days of sun per year

Short distante between Lisbon and other european cities:
- Madrid - 600 Km - 1h by Plane
- Paris - 1.800 Km - 2h30m by Plane
- Londres - 2.182 Km - 2h20m by Plane
- Frankfurt - 2.300 Km - 2h55m by Plane

Our infrastructure.

It is essential for us to have our solutions based on a very good datacenters. Currently, we only work with technical partners that have their own infrastructure based on datacenter spaces available at least at two distinct entities, bringing together the best conditions of security, power and connectivity, so that our customers can always enjoy the best access speeds and safely guaranteed data.

Apart from ensuring a bet on technology, we are also concerned with environmental issues. We only use webservers that provide a high performance with reduced energy expenditure.

All physical accesses are only allowed for elements with prior authorization. All accesses are registered individually with the identification of each person at the entrance and exit, done by human security on a permanent basis, provided by a specialized company.

Read more about our infrastructure »»

Our support.

We help our clients achieve incredible feats:
We understand that our service is an integral part of the service you offer to your clients and we take this responsibility seriously. We know that by providing the service with the necessary features, we free you so that you can focus on your business.

Permanent service:
We understand that you trust us, to serve your clients, 24 hours a day. We do what we propose and strive to not lose your confidence in the quality of the services we provide.

Trustworthy experience:
The constant improvement it is at the core of our way of working. We strive to be the best in our business, while trying to make everything easier for you. We simplify the way we work, and we are always ready to give advises whenever you need.

Confidence and security available:
We know that the services we provide are often critical to your business. We continually invest in processes and technology to keep you safe and to keep your systems operational too.

Our commitment to a partnership:
We act as if your business was our business. We are committed to promote excellent relationships and put an effort in everything we do. We seek to get results quickly, helping you prepare for the future.

Become our investor.

We do not show ads or make money by abusing our clients privacy.

Instead, we depend on investors, sponsors and clients financial support to keep our services running. Our revenue is used to further develop more solutions and support users who need to improve their business.

Our IT infrastructure has to be maintained and managed: connectivity, backups, webservers, updates and support. IT services are part of auxiliary operations to achieve our goals. Therefore,

If you want to invest or sponsor us but have almost no budget, then we can arrange a sponsoring agreement. You tell us what you need and what you can give and then we can discuss your project.

Any investment amount counts and speeds up the development and deployment of new features. The amounts collected will be used for preparation and implementation work of new solutions. Tasks will be co-ordinated by our team members in close co-operation with investors and sponsors and the results will be periodically reported.

We also welcome pro-bono contributions. Trust is a pre-condition. If you clearly understand our vision and want to invest or sponsor our business, just get in touch with us.

Business acquisitions.

Looking to exit the market industry and sell your business?

We are always looking to acquire related business services from small to medium size. Our goal is not only to expand our business, but also to help those that want to exit the market industry. If you're looking for an exit strategy, we'd love to speak with you.

Not every acquisition is alike and so we treat every opportunity with an impartial and professional approach. We want to be sure that your hard work doesn't go to waste.

To speak with us regarding selling your business, contact us through our available contacts.

Brand Assets & Press

We include the words, phrases, symbols, designs and other distinctive brand features associated with us and our services including, but not limited to, marketing materials and all downloadable content on our website (“Brand Assets”). Examples of our Brand Assets include the word “Egicloud – Web Solutions” or “Egicloud” and our logos.

You may use Brand Assets provided here to refer to us, our services or anything else we offer, in compliance with the following requirements:

– You must comply with our Privacy Policy.
– You must maintain the shape, position, color, and orientation of the logos without alteration or modification.
– You may not use the Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement by us without express permission.
– You may not incorporate the Brand Assets, or anything confusingly similar, into your or others’ trademarks, domain names, logos or similar content.
– You may not feature our Brand Assets on materials associated with (i) unlawful activity, (ii) content which is negative, disparaging or otherwise harmful to us or its users; or (iii) otherwise violate our Terms and Privacy Policies.

All Brand Assets and other marketing materials or other downloadable content are provided by us “As Is.” We make no warranties, express, implied or statutory, regarding the accuracy, completeness, performance, merchantability, fitness for use, non-infringement, or other attributes of its Brand Assets.

We may modify these Usage Requirements without prior notice by posting the most recent version on our website. You’re responsible for following any modified terms; review this page regularly.

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Did you know?

We offer an alternative approach to that of our competitors.
We spend almost no money on advertising but instead we rely on your words to promote our services.
The recommendation of satisfied customers is a far more reliable basis for doing business than marketing claims.







Talk with us.

We’ll help you resolve your technical issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing after a long day.

Talk with us.

We’ll help you resolve your technical issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing after a long day.


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